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Except where provided herin, Department program, activity, and facility fees are non-refundable.
A written recommendation from a doctor (two or more absences) indicating that the individual should withdraw from an activity or program shall be entitled to a full or prorated refund. No administrative fee will be assessed.
In the event that an activity or program is cancelled by the Parks and Recreation Department, the individual or group would be entitled to a full or prorated refund or credit. No administrative fee will be assessed.
Credits can be applied within thirty (30) days from one program/activity and used toward another activity within ninety (90) days from the original request.
Credit requests may be provided in the absence of an original receipt or cancelled check if County records establish payment.
Refunds are subject to a twenty percent (20%) administrative fee of the total amount due, not to exceed $10.00.
All refund requests must be accompanied by an original receipt or a copy of the cancelled check.
Prorated Credits and Refunds:
The Director or the Director's designees may grant refund/credit requests as provided above and waive

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